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A new chapter

November 19th, 2013






I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now because, well, it’s probably my last one on LCCC for the next little while, if not as a whole.
I’ll just let that last bit settle in.

…Ok how are we doing? It’s come as a relative surprise to me too. I’d always wondered how LCCC would see its “end”. Would it “ever” see it? And now here we are.

I probably took the decision officially two weeks ago. I’ll save you guys a long winded essay on the where, when and how and shed some light on the why.

Recently my web developer told me we’d have to do some back end work and it would lead to our splitting ways. That was the turning point that really set my thought process in motion regarding how much longer I wanted to keep “it” up, given I’d felt adrift for the last little while.

When I started this blog, the phenomenon was still relatively new to the industry. In the last 5+ years, a lot has happened. In my life and in the industry. The evolution in both, go hand in hand. I promised myself, and you guys, that I would blog so long as I was inspired. As of late, since entering my thirties, with my growing passion for my daytime career, the work @melanievoyer and I have been investing in Soie Agency, plus my personal life, I’ve felt a slight disconnect for the blog.

It seems that with so many bloggers today, and less time (and admittedly less interest) to sacrifice to original content like, outfit posts, in particular, it became difficult to offer what I wanted for the blog. More than just my re-interpretation of the inspiration we’re all seeing left, right and center today. I think the style blog(ger) has evolved, and for me she’s LCCC turned Soie Agency. It’s LCCC, grown up, if you will.

I want to send a BIG HUGE thank you (!!!!) to ALL of my readers. From those who have been there since day 1 to those who are newer to the brand: ALL of your support means the world to me and don’t be mistaken: It’s what has kept me motivated to run this blog for the last 5.5 years. I hope you’ll follow me as I take on the next chapter.

First of all Soie Agency: If you love LCCC, you’ll love Soie!

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May this not be the end, but the continuation of something great: Here’s to the next chapter friends!

xoxo, Stephanie


| Simons coat, ça va de soi F10Jane knit, Zara FW13 skirt, Zara FW13 boots |

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    Best of luck, Stephanie! I’ll miss your inspiring posts and wonderful spirit. xoxo

  2. Candice wrote:

    Congrats on your new venture Stephanie. Life is transient and I’m sure there’s more success ahead.

    Candice xx

  3. Suze wrote:

    noooo! we’ll miss you!!!

  4. Alexa wrote:

    Hey Stephanie,

    I’ve been following LCCC for almost 4 years now and just wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful blog. I for one (though I know I’m not alone) am very sad to see this is the end for LCCC. There definitely has been a massive surge in the number of blogs over the last few years, but I have always always come back to yours. Your posts are always innovative and beautiful – essentially everything I want to look at and read. Thanks for all the time you have devoted to LCCC, you’re a class act and Soie are lucky to have someone like you on their team!

    With love from Australia, Alexa

  5. Patricia wrote:

    I’m actually really sad. I’ve followed you since the beginning! :( Hopefully you’re still sharing your style and outfit posts on Instagram at least!

    Good luck!

  6. kriss wrote:

    The good thing is, i can still follow you on instagram ;-) all the best for you and thanks for all the inspiration over the years!! xx

  7. cy wrote:

    I have been a loyal follower since the beginning of LCCC and I am extremely sad to see your blog go. I might be the only selfish one here that is asking you to reconsider your decision to end the blog. You have a distinct voice and charm in your posts that is genuine and the hints of your life that you choose to present here further show that you are a class act. Your taste is refined and well thought out, and your wish lists and outfit posts, coupled with your inspiration boards are well done. There are a lot of fashion blogs out there, but yours has always been one of my favourites because of its consistent quality and of course, your personality. I do hope that you will keep LCCC around in some capacity, but I will most certainly follow you on your journey to see what great things you have looking ahead with your great talent.

  8. Tania wrote:

    Steph! I will miss LCCC a lot! Thanks for all the great content and pics over the years! I will definitely follow you on Instagram and through Soie :)
    P.S. Lil’ C says hi :)

  9. Rachel wrote:

    WOW! I’m so sad to hear it! I feel as though a friend just announed she’s moving away. I too have followed you since the beginning and always loved your realistic approach to blogging (you’re my favorite). Most of the other bloggers I follow are not living relatable lives, or portraying relatable style–at least for me. Especially in the 30s range. Wish you the very best though!! Although I do hope you might change your mind one day… Thanks for all your your hard work and inspiration! You will be sorely missed.

    Rachel xx

  10. Eleanor wrote:

    btw…in the second pic from top…your hair looks ahhmazing.

  11. Hélène wrote:

    Ok so i needed a moment to collect myself in order to be able to come to grips with writing my FINAL comment on LCCC. Eeks! You know how much i LOVE[D :( ] your blog lady!!! It never failed to provide my with amazing inspo and as so many of the commenters stated before me, right above, your amazing personality was the star of the show and came through so endearingly in every single post. You pored your heart and soul in the pages of this ever evolving endeavor and we all grew with you, witnessing your evolution and progress and having so much fun every single step of the way. You made it so easy for your readers to connect with you, thanks to your refreshing honesty and your unapologetic way of being yourself. Weirdly, this blog altered the course of history and brought us together and I’m so grateful for its existence, thanks to which i’ve found an amazing friend. Thank you for Le Cheap C’est Chic, thank you for being yourself and here’s to being so proud of you for taking this crucial yet organic step toward the future. Here’s to a new chapter and can’t wait to follow the next set of adventures. Love you girl xoxox

  12. Solmaz wrote:

    Thanks for sharing so much on LCCC Stephanie! I’ve loved visiting ever since you launched it. I will be a regular on Soie Agency for sure!! :) xo

  13. Yasmeen wrote:

    I’ve only just found you and the first thing I read is that it’s all coming to an end! What a shame but I wish you all the best for the future! P.S. The coat is gorgeous!!!

    Yasmeen x