Qui suis-je?

About Le Cheap c’est Chic

Lecheapcestchic.com was created in June of 2008, while I was interning at ELLE Canada. Founded at a time when the industry was reeling from a recession, the name Le Cheap c’est Chic came to be naturally, anchoring an online forum devoted to communicating that style is not in direct relation to one’s pocketbook.

Whether we’re living in jarring financial times or not, it’s my belief that the personal pursuit of fashion can eschew excessive spending. The way I see it, style is so much more than an outfit. As Carine Roitfeld has put it, “People are more important than clothes. Clothes are a nice envelope, but the letter inside the envelope is more important.”

My camera. The first few years of blogging, I was shooting with a Nikon D40 and its 18-55mm lens. Everything after September 2011, is the product of a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and the lens it came with, 18-55mm.


Yours truly: a sum of parts

My name is Stephanie Boridy (pronounced Bore-A-Dee). I was born in Lyon, France and I’m currently based in Montreal, Canada, where I’m a (fashion and beauty) writer and blogger who also dabbles professionally in street style photography.

I love drawing sartorial inspiration from the relatable. The looks I tend towards day-to-day are built upon simple (low) pieces that are anchored with a high accessory or something in a standout colour. I have an undeniable affinity for sweaters. I love a good find as much as the next fashion fiend and eBay is my preferred haunt for treasure hunting. My favourite season is the fall. I love to travel (much to the dismay of my fear of flying) and I’ve been (well) known to go it alone. I see life pretty much in opportunities for pictures. When the lighting of a given moment catches my eye, I’m most inspired to take out my camera.

My dog Chloe is a toy maltese poodle cross with a personality so charming she has been known to make small dog fans out of those who swear by big dogs only.


I blog therefore I am

I’m constantly taken by the voice this site has organically contributed to my career and its role in the pursuit of my dreams. Through your readership, which has often left me humbled, I’ve witnessed one of my biggest passions prosper into so much more than I ever imagined. Without your return visits and constant engagement, this blog would only be half as good. So, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to make lecheapcestchic.com a digital bookmark for your lifestyle inspiration ;)

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