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Budget talk: Fall bag(s)

August 29th, 2013




I have to admit, the gist of this post has been on my mind for some time now.
Essentially I was waiting to find, the perfect “on-budget” bag…and the right frame of mind to avoid spelling out a rant, per se.

I’ve been blogging for a little over 5 years now, some of you have been here since the beginning and some are more recent LCCC fans: Both are so appreciated, thanks so much for making LCCC a part of your life! During the last half decade, the posts have evolved, the content has evolved (the container even! Thankfully….who remembers the dreadful content warning days?! :/) and I, have grown both in my career and personally. The latter is inevitably reflected in the content.
As I entered my thirties, I realized that a lot of my fashion belongings were less and less intrinsically suited to my style. Some, most even, had been purchased as part of what I figure was a personal style pursuit during my twenties or even just as a result of working in close proximity to so many shopping opportunities. Whatever the reason, I felt I’d outgrown most of my wardrobe. SO I hosted a big LCCC sale this past spring and sold most of my wardrobe.
My Feng Shui moment continued as the summer came and went, and many accessories continued to go as I parted ways with almost every designer bag I owned. Most recently I sold my Céline Cabas (if that’s news to you, you should follow me on Instagram ;) it was posted & sold(!) via the platform). Turns out most of my designer (bag) purchases I found to be no longer relevant to my current style.

Inevitably with so much sold, I was crazy tempted to put the money towards another purchase. Mostly a designer bag for the fall. And that was the plan. Until I realized…and here’s the part where I’ll be completely honest with you, it was entirely out of my budget. I’m 30. And here’s the thing: it took me THIS long to REALLY understand the influence the fashion industry has been having on my (financial) life.
I realize this sounds totally incomprehensibly ironic, given the name of this blog. But it’s the god’s honest truth. DEBT, being the operative 4 letter word. #realitycheck

I think it’s no coincidence this epiphany, if you will, is coinciding with a new decade and my personal choice to “settle down” with my love, Nick. Life is a series of choices after all, and I’m currently #fullreveal making some pretty big ones for the next chapter of my life.

SO ALL THIS TO SAY THAT my fall tote now hails from Zara. Instead of the Balenciaga I had in my FW13 sights. NO BUT REALLY. I can’t promise this blog won’t continue to change as I do (it will in fact!) but I CAN PROMISE that those of you looking for an AUTHENTICALLY Le Cheap c’est Chic experience, will find it right here. Probably with the occasional #splurge moment too #blushing…but we all need a little bit of those spoil moments in our lives!

Now about the bag quick quick: Found it on a whim at Zara so unexpectedly as the store is very hit or miss for me when it comes to accessories. I think, subconsciously the shape reminds me of Coppola’s collection for Louis Vuitton. Also, it’s real leather, something that might seem obvious but at fast fashion stores like Zara, I find going for the real deal (amidst all the polyester) is the essential detail in at least feigning a quality look. #LCCCtip

Thanks for reading the above guys! Fashion need not be about over-consumption. Quality over quantity is the essence, and real, authentic style has no pricetag. Think about Kate Moss, pre model days, when she dressed herself solely off flea market sale racks. Ok so we’re not all miss Moss…but hopefully you get the gist ;) !

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  1. The bag is a fantastic find. Honestly I am much more likely to brag about a cool find at Zara (which is hit and miss for everyone really) that looks like a minimalist designer find, rather than the real thing.

    LOVE IT!

  2. Hélène wrote:

    Yes!!! RE: “I find going for the real deal (amidst all the polyester) is the essential detail in at least feigning a quality look.” you’re totally, completely right about that, when you sift through half the crap you can find total treasures, case in point your new bag!! I love the shape (super practical), its minimalist sensibility and the overall timelessness of it. It’s neither sloppy nor precious, it strikes the perfect balance! Well played woman!! :) Perfectly in sync to your sartorial identity if i do say so myself!

    PS Super happy you’ve finally found a black tote to satisfy that craving. It’s obviously not a forever thing, but it’s so perfect for now and the short-term future! Don’t let the industry make you obsessed/need to always give in to consumerism and constantly going for the “new” or the “status” item. Living above your means is so overrated! You are far too intelligent and stylish to fall victim to the hard-to-avoid unreasonable urges that it triggers. Your honesty is incredibly refreshing and i love you all the more for it. Big hugs woman xoxoxox <3 <3 <3

  3. Lansky wrote:

    I have two choices between this one & another on from Zara as well. I think this bag look more like a Rocco bag from A. Wang just without the studs obviously. My second choice is a bit smaller & actually look like Coppola from LV more. I love both I just cannot make up my mind. :) x

  4. cynthia wrote:

    Like the post.
    Its true that once you enter into adulthood (like my mother would say) you start to realize that owning the lasted it bag is not has important has it used to be. guess its all part of growing up and having other priorities and goals for your future.
    and i second Helene, your honesty is refreshing.

    :) )