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November 21st, 2012

A glimpse at life over the last 72 hours or so.

1. Blazin’ in a Zara prep number

2. Scoping the mags on their way out at Benjamin News Inc (the family business, founded on my dad’s side of the family).

3. Holiday m&m’s. Incl the elusive US sold only peppermint flavoured variety. My mom beat you to it @lolipololi ;) !

4. Niece, Raquel getting jiggy with PlayDoh.

5. Sugar, who’s best buddy, Brutus just left us. *tears*. Holding the fort solo.

6. @cavadesoitricot Christmas dinner this past weekend. Shared laughs with Steph!

7. Fancy straws: my newest success!ory love c/o Green Munch. Thank you Mom!!

8. Sister in law, Lauren’s, birthday cake pops! Yayaya!

9. Words to remember c/o Pinterest.

10. My little kitchen helper.

11. @lecartetresto latte. #Sundaymorningbliss

12. Holiday smiles with the @cavadesoitricot family ♥

13. Vanilla cake pop indulging on the go. (c/o Baking Sweet)

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One Comment

  1. Emily wrote:

    I love that what you’re wearing in that first shot! Everything looks perfect together, and you wear that Zara jacket well. You’re lucky–I don’t wear jackets like that because I always feel mannish.