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For him & her: Affordably chic timepiece

September 17th, 2013





So here’s the thing. Those Michael Michael Kors watches everyone and their mother has…I can’t deal. So I went to the source, Fossil (for those of you who don’t know Fossil is the brand behind the MMK watches) where I unexpectedly came across this sleek Florence (reminiscent of my Cartier Tank Française Dreams for sure…) style. For $100 buckaroos I snapped it up on the spot a month or so ago and have been wearing ‘er non stop since. Seriously folks. $95 bones. Fossil has some great pieces at very affordable rates.

And while were at watches, I figured I’d throw in this “his style”. For Nick’s 30th I wanted to offer him a sweet timepiece, but since many of the styles on my radar are mostly crazy $$$, I was sort of at a loss. Finally I Came across Victorinox and ended up zeroing in on this Infantry style which boasts an olive face and dark tan leather strap. I knew it had my guy’s name on it. With Adrienne’s help and that of the AHMAZING!!! team at Victorinox (customer service bar none) I locked it down in time for the celebrations and he’s been wearing it every day. With so many styles to choose from (I perused a solid 250+ to find Nick’s), there’s without a doubt a style for every guy’s style.

| Full Disclosure: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I have genuinely had such great experiences with both brands that I simply wanted to share the love with you, my fine readers |

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  1. Lisa-Marie wrote:

    Lol! Too funny the Michael Kors comment! So true!

  2. hélène wrote:

    So cute, love the little anecdotes associated to your watch search! You’re so right about the victorinox CS – i had to deal with them before and it was a dream! Love your his & hers options! xx