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October 21st, 2012

Happy Sunday! My first one off in god knows how long YAY! And pssst! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl Michele!!

HAD to share this video of Jenna Lyons and Garance Doré: two outstanding fashion personalities, in one (Boom Boom!) room chatting all things fashion: ♥! Quick shout-out to the shot 10 seconds in that captures my two ultimate style muses, together, laughing (!!): Lyons and Taylor Tomasi Hill!

What I’m SO taken with in this video is the conversation they’re having: it’s the sum of everything that lights a fire inside of me about fashion, the industry as a whole, and the thing that tugs on my heart strings: fashion online.
When I haphazardly started LCCC 4+ years ago, online fashion wasn’t what it is today, and perhaps more interestingly, none of us currently doing it thought it would evolve to the industry-changing phenomenon it has.

In this clip, Lyons and Doré touch on the above and on magazines, which is a personal soft spot, because I literally grew up on (fashion) magazines: my dad being in the industry, they were literally our bread and butter ;) .

I can’t tell you how much I lived for every Friday when he’d come home with a fresh stack of my favourite glossys (at the time, Seventeen, YM, In Style, ELLE, Teen Vogue…and Nylon (my FIRST REAL “have to have every issue” obsession) for me to fawn over and get butterflies about all the content those magazines’ pages were bursting with. At the time, it was nothing more than a hobby, but it’s constantly SO interesting to me these days, how something so simple at the time, COMPLETELY paved the way for my career path today.

Lesson there: when you’re trying to figure out the big “WHAT” you should be doing for a job, sometimes it’s really all about the (simplest) things you’re most passionate about. Look towards the “hobbies” you’ve long loved for clues, on your personal pursuit of career happiness ;) .

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    Thank you, Stephanie,for inspiration!