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Kitchen’In: Gluten Free Almond Quinoa Parfait

April 7th, 2013

I snagged this recipe from my friend, Steph, who snagged it from the Huff Post. It’s goodie for sure. Cinnamon sweetened quinoa (make sure you buy fair trade; can’t deal with the fact that local Bolivians can hardly afford their resource anymore given the global demand), topped with sliced almonds, your choice of fresh fruit, Greek yogurt (I subbed plain for blueberry flavoured), honey, almond butter and (vanilla) almond milk.

What makes this treat even better, is that it travels so well, prepared in a Mason jar, topped off with a lid, it’s practically a breakfast and mid-morning (or pre-workout!) snack. Try it, you’ll be just as soon hooked: promise!

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  1. Hélène wrote:

    Ummm soooo trying this, it sounds fackin delish!