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lust-have: F13 leather jacket

August 22nd, 2013


Have my eyes peeled for a leather jacket for fall. Ideally a Balenciaga or Anine Bing would be a dream, but yaknowwww, you can’t have it all. So! Fast fashion FTW it shall be! Enter H&M, which enviably just introduced eCommerce option south of the border, but us Canucks up here, still have to wait it out, or find yoself a US resident BFF shipping ally.

OK! Leather jackets. H&M seem to make sweet {faux} leather options, but something tells me they’re more photogenic than anything else, because I’ve yet to see a polyester “leather” jacket I’d lusted after. Who knowwwws maybe this year will challenge those odds. Be the first to know which jacket I end up scoring by following my instas @stephaniechic.

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  1. hélène wrote:

    I know that both places actually have good real leather options that seriously look way more expensive than what they are, so you can’t go wrong, they’re totally legit! Thank god for those 2 retailers for those of us who live in the real world lol – some real scores for sure!! Can’t wait to see which one you pick! PS kind of surprised you don’t own a leather jacket already, suchhhh a staple! xx