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Magic of Christmas: Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

November 29th, 2012

OHMYGOODNESS GUYS! Last night, before my eyes I saw one of the most magical things I’ve eveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr seen this time of year. Driving west on highway 20, to my right, the glimmering of festive lights, not unlike a Christmas village, was calling my attention. When I glanced out the window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A freight train decked front to back, top to bottom in holiday cheer lighting.
After a few ohhhhhhhhhhmygodddddddddds, I grabbed my iPhone for a quick Google search. And it GETS BETTER.

Turns out it was the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train. Kick-starting its Canada-wide 3 week journey– and right from the neighbourhood I’d long grown up in! Rolling since 1999, the Canadian Pacific put this yearly train in motion in the interest of helping raise awareness and funds/food donations for the underprivileged.

$5.6 million and 2.46 million pounds of food later, the Holiday Train program is not only one of the most magical things I’d wish for anyone to witness this time of year, but even more amazingly, one of the most charitable programs. Had I known earlier, I’d have definitely made the detour to enjoy the train’s kick-off festivities. #nextyear. If the Holiday Train is headed to a city near you– full schedule here, I urge you to take in its beautiful sights and help out its generous cause this time of the year. I promise your heart will be full of warmth and holiday spirit after taking in its awe-inspiring sight.

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  1. trish wrote:

    Amazing! LOVE this! Hadn’t heard of this before but is now included in the reasons why i am so proud to be Canadian.