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The {LCCC} sale

May 15th, 2013






I can’t even begin to explain how non-stop things have been of late, which is my (very unexciting, I know!!) excuse for a lack of consistent updates here recently :S. And as if I didn’t have enough things going on, I decided to squeeze in a real life, drop-in, LCCC sale this week! Way fun, I was lucky enough to even count a few LCCC readers ;) as attendees.
If you weren’t able to attend and there’s anything that catches your eye in these pics, email me and we can see if it’s not yet sold how we can work something out. Don’t forget to check out the online LCCC sale, here!

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  1. Hélène wrote:

    You got my craving gummy worms woman! Everything looks so great and super organized! As mentioned before, really wish i could have been there :( Big hugs xoxox

  2. Jules wrote:

    It is crazy I was at Salvation Army today and I saw your yellow FC dress and black ash booties from your sale (loved them but neither were my size)! So nice of you to donate them!