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up north for an afternoon

October 22nd, 2012

There were so many things I wanted to do this fall, notably apple picking and a mountain hike up north with Chloe. But alas between my work schedule and all the weddings, finding the time hasn’t exactly been on our side: HOW is it November already next week?! Caaammon! When I finally had a free Sunday to call my own yesterday, Nick and I jumped in the car with Chloe, hitting the highway north in the high hopes of beating the overcast skies for an afternoon hike on Mont Tremblant.

In the end, it rained so much on our way up, our mountain excursion intentions were drowned, so a compromise for a visit in Tremblant Village instead was reached. There, we took in the scenic surroundings with a marshmallow topped-off hot chocolate in hand while Chloe pranced around, leaving everyone taken with her charming spell as we walked past. Before heading back down to the city, we grabbed a traditional Quebec sweet treat for the road: tire sur la neige (maple syrup roll-up, basically) leaving me happy as a clam the rain stayed at bay for our picturesque fall afternoon!

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Every bit of food you feature on your blog looks so delicious. You make me want to become a foodie.

  2. athena wrote:

    what a cute little trio you are!! LOVE that pic! xo

  3. Amanda wrote:

    Ummmm, you guys are the cutest!!!! x

  4. Hélène wrote:

    Lovely lovely lovely! You’re def making me miss qc :) What a bummer about the rain though, although it looks like you def made the best of it anyway! I’m dying about the pic of you and nick with chloe – soooo cute!! PS i’m confused – tire sur la neige in october?! Did i miss something? How is that possible?!! Want some!

  5. cindy wrote:

    the fall just flew by! i can’t believe it either. you guys look so adorable and is it bad that i don’t like maple syrup candy? how unpatriotic.